Frequency Generation Hulda Clark Zapper

Private Labeling of the Frequency Generation Hulda Clark Zapper

Private Label Dual Frequency Hulda Clark Zapper

Thank you for your interest in our Private Label Hulda Clark Zappers. Here are a few ground rules to get you started.

We provide templates so that you can put your brand, logo, and contact information onto each zapper label and How To Zap instruction sheet.

The Frequency Generation Hulda Clark Zapper unit requires a 4 inch x 2 inch sticker label, preferably vinyl. Paper stickers tend to get damaged if they get wet from the paper towels/copper handles. PS Print offers competitive rates for a minimum order of 25 vinyl stickers.

We have a basic How To Zap instruction sheet that has a blank spot for your brand, logo, and contact information at the top. It is up to you to add your company information and to have these items printed yourself. We do not offer design services.

Private Label customers must advertise their unit at the Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (currently $199.99) to maintain the market value for our zappers. Any web site, printed flyer, or other ad showing a lower retail price will discontinue our relationship.

All Private Label sales are final. No returns or refunds on working equipment. We offer a lifetime repair or replacement warranty. Coverage insures you for the electronic craftsmanship of the frequency generator unit only, and does not include wear and tear of the copper handles, cables, and 9-volt battery. Replacement is our option for units that are beyond repair. Neglect/abuse of unit forfeits the warranty.

Please fill out the form below. We will contact you shortly regarding your application.

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